Do you want a website which makes your business stand out?

Do you need a website where you can advertise, sell or inform? 

Here at Dengineer ICT, website development and design is our speciality

We are based in the Camden and Wollondilly area, and one of the things that makes us unique, is that we cater for local customers who have other commitments during work hours, meaning that we will gladly meet you in person after regular hours or on the weekend.

Standard Websites

Wordpress Website Design


Our website design services specialise in creating appealing, interactive and dynamic websites.

We will create the website to match your business, and give it a great web presence.  If you need more information, contact us for a free consultation.

Dengineer PC uses the WordPress CMC (content management system). WordPress is an amazing interface and is very customisable. By using WordPress, we are able to provide great quality websites at fast time frames. 

WordPress also comes with hundreds of thousands of templates, meaning there will always be the right one that would suit your vision. By using one of the many, many templates out there, we are able to develop a personalised website for you, and not cost you $1000’s in design costs and make you wait months to have your website finished.

Along with a great template as part of the cost, we also have NO LIMITS on the number of pages or images/content uploaded to your website.

We DON’T charge extra for revisions.

We DON’T charge extra for contact forms, subscription forms, newsletter integration, social media integration or favicon customisation.

It’s SEO (google)-friendly and is easy to use.

Best part of WordPress and structured templates, is that you can easily upload and update your own content, once the website is finished, not having to be dependant upon anyone but yourself.

 Responsive designs – If required, we can customise your website to be responsive, meaning it will adapt to various screen sizes and display perfectly on computers, laptops, iPads, tablets and smartphones. This is extremely beneficial, as majority of people have some sort of smartphone or tablet, and it is vital to capture their attention, as you would want with users on regular computers.


See Our Samples and Portfolio

Not sure about the look you want, check out some examples here


Standard Website Pricing



E-Commerce Online Store Website

E-Commerce Website Design


If you are looking into becoming your own online store, Dengineer PC can do this for you.

For E-Commerce we use industry leading all in one systems, Shopify and BigCommerce.

Both of these offer very similar solutions, and many, many customisable layouts and themes, and depending on your unique requirements, we will pick one of these systems for you.

Shopify and BigCommerce are both subscription services, as with any e-commerce store, you have to pay for the shopping cart, security, payment gateways and other features which are necessary for you to be able to run a successful store.

E-Commerce Website Pricing



What we do

For either a standard business website, or e-commerce solution, we will set up everything from scratch and hand you over a fully functioning website, including 

  • Install, Configuration and Installation of your initial website framework
  • Design and mock-up of your website
  • Template configuration and content placement
  • SEO – Set your website up to be high on Google rankings and easily locatable when searched.
  • Social Media Set-up and Integration – If you lack a strong presence on social media, we will set this up and integrate it with your website
  • Web Presence Strategy – When we create a website, we don’t just stop there, you will receive advice and help on what is the best way to utilise your newly built website, and how you can increase your online presence.
  • Email Installation (You will get your own email address with @yourowndomain)
  • Redundancy and Backup set ups

We will include the initial yearly cost for hosting and web domain registration, as part of the initial fee, so you don’t have to worry about that side of things until you have had a year of successful business.

We will also package up the costs for you after the first year, as a single invoice each year (or for a period suitable for you), so you won’t have to have the hassle of separately paying multiple providers for the domain, hosting and with e-commerce, shopping cart, ssl, merchant account, payment gateway, etc.

Web Design
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