Hi Everyone,

Recently I have had a lot of businesses contact me about a letter they received in the post. Some were worried, as from first glance, it looked like they owe money and need to pay a large amount.


The letter I am talking about is shown further below. I had one of the customers give me their letter, so that I could warn any of you who read this.

This letter comes from a company called “Domain Name Corp”. Their ABN is 96 608 862 255 and ACN is 608 862 255

The letter states that for $249.00 AUD you can get a domain name, which normally is a .com version of your Australian com.au website, they possibly have other variations sent to businesses, but these are the ones I have seen.

For those who want to know is this some sort of renewal, and do I have to pay this? – YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THIS. Read further if you want to know why…


If you actually read the letter, is simply informs you that you CAN get ANOTHER Domain Name, not that you need to renew your existing one, and NO you don’t need to buy it NOW, as well as pay such a large amount of money for it..

Don’t get me wrong, the words “SCAM” or “SPAM” are my personal opinion, as the definition of SCAM is “a dishonest scheme”. I believe that selling domain names for $249.00 AUD, when other legitimate local sources (e.g. Zuver, NetRegistry) sell them for around $15 AUD, for the exact same if not more “Inclusions” is dishonest. Sending an invoice look-alike letter unsolicited, warrants in my opinion it being even more dishonest and spam.

The fact that I received quite a number of questions regarding this letter, shows that even if unintentionally, this letter is deceiving (If Domain Name Corp is reading this, I suggest amending your letter format).

Any-how, if you receive the letter below – beware and proceed with caution, and always do your research if you want to buy domain names. Also to repeat myself – YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY THIS


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