Hi Everyone.

A customer of ours uses InvoicePlane as their self hosted invoicing system, and although the default template was great, they required it to be customised in PHP to fit the Australian Invoicing Standards.

If you are new to customising templates in InvoicePlane, here is a link that explains the process and where they can be found. You will need to have access to the the file directory of your hosting system.


We created a template for our customer which we thought we would share with you all

Firstly you will also need to create some custom fields for the extra information you want to display on the invoice.



The code is below. You can either replace the default file (InvoicePlane.php) or create a new PHP file and select it as your default template, using the instructions in the link above.

The below code shows the GST as one big sum at the end. Make sure to name the Tax Rate as “GST”, as the code checks if an invoice item with that exact name exists, and if it does, show a message at the end, stating whether or not there is GST included, you can also change this part for your own countries Tax Type.

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